Tailors Steam Press

tailors-steam-press.jpgIroning can be quite the pain, especially when you’re already in a rush trying to get ready for office only to discover that your shirt is all creased since you failed to maintain an iron (pun intended) discipline where house chores are concerned.

This is the professional-grade digital steam press with a pressing surface that is more than seven times larger than most handheld irons, reducing ironing time by up to 50%. Pressing is controlled with an automatic digital monitoring system to ensure consistent results based on the kind of fabric (nylon, silk, rayon, wool, cotton, or linen) you select on the instrument panel. A simple lowering of the handle produces more than 100 lbs. of pressure and the unit generates steam up to 410° F, instantly smoothing stubborn wrinkles and forming sharp creases, yet the press will neither cause fabric to wear nor leave a shiny finish on fine clothes.

The Tailors Steam Press sounds like the perfect gift for those who don’t want to waste too much time ironing their clothes, retailing for $249.95.