Svelte 3G phone from LG

lg-orange-phones.jpgWe all know that Samsung is pretty much the champion when it comes to slim handsets, thanks to the massive marketing push of its Ultra II line of cell phones. LG isn’t too far behind though, having rolled out a 13.3mm thin 3G handset known as the LG-KH1800. Alternatively, you don’t have to call it by the long model number since it can be better remembered as the ‘Orange color phone’ whenever you’re in Korea, thanks to its enhanced orange colored keypad. Features include SMS service support, telephone directory, alarm setting, a multitasking button, 3G WCDMA automatic roaming service, MP3 playback, text viewer, a camera and an electronic dictionary just in case you come up short on words during a debate. Anyone wants to see this head across the Pacific?

Source: AVing

1 thought on “Svelte 3G phone from LG”

  1. BoringGGGGGGggggg….ggggg….zzzzzzzzzz does nothing new or WOW factor besides being thin as if there aren’t enugh thin and tiny phones making them easier to lose. You can only go to a limit before it gets stupid and just plain ridiculous. Imagine a grown adult measuring 6ft tall using a tiny thin cell phone no larger than a mp3 nano player- just looks ridiculous trying to press those tiny buttons straining your eyes. I am still waiting for the all multi iWatch that does it all by blutooth technology and no buttons needed at all. Now that would be a cool gadet but this phone… Whatever.

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