New Digimon toys coming your way

bandai.jpgI remember back in the heydays where Pokemon really took off, and there were a slew of other “monster” franchises that made an appearance as well. Digimon was one of them which actually hung around long enough to become a respectable brand of its own while picking up a fair bit of followers in the process, although I never really found that “brand” of monsters appealing. Many years later, it looks as though Digimon is here to stay with Bandai America releasing a whole new line of action figures and role-play toys that target boys in the age group of 4 to 8. You will also be able to catch hold of popular toys such as the new Digivice Data Link and DNA metal chip-laced action figures.

Colleen Sherfey, senior director of marketing, Bandai America claims that “the new Digimon series introduced a fresh crop of fans to the action-oriented property and helped make it a hit. The collectibility of the action figures, as well as the action from the electronic Digivice, have proven to be a successful combination.”

The Digivice Data Link has just gone back to the drawing board, where it has been redesigned and fashioned after the similar device that Marcus used in the series. For those who are not in the know, the Digivice Data Link is actually “a dynamic, action-packed electronic role-play toy that allows young boys to feed and train their own digital monsters”. You get some pretty interesting features such as infrared technology that enables a couple of two Digimon trainers to battle one another and a scanner function that collects DNA skills from an included DNA metal chip to strengthen characters. This scanner is also there to help you unlock special, secret items and DNA powers for your digital monster.

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