Latest Tech News – 20 February

Xbox 360

Microsoft drops Xbox 360 price

In order to sell more gaming units, Microsoft decided to cut the price of their finest product, also known as Xbox 360. But there is one strange detail, this cut is only going to happen in one country – Canada.

Can it be only Canada because there aren’t many Xbox’s being sold there? Are they trying to make a point with this? Or is there any other reason? I really don’t know, but according to David Dennis from Microsoft – each market makes its own decision on the matter.

About the new prices: the Elite model (most expensive one) went from C$499 to C$449; the medium Xbox 360 version now costs C$349, it used to be C$399; and lastly, the basic model saw its price being cut by C$20, in other words, in the past it cost C$299 and now costs C$279.

In case you don’t remember, we also reported the story when Microsoft dropped the price of the HD DVD player add-on, and set it at $129.

Kuwait ISP goes wild

In the web world, there was a strange scene at Kuwait involving an Internet Service Provider, and Google, more specifically the free email service Gmail.

Due to caching problems happening on the ISP servers, some users weren’t able to login to their own Gmail account, instead, they got access to accounts of other people. It seems that the problem is fixed right now, but during the weekend it was still happening. Besides Gmail, there was another site being affected – eBay.

Sources – Reuters and CNet

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer