Desktop Robo Vacuum

Robo Vacuum

I’m a big fan of the robotic vacuum cleaning Roomba, but he doesn’t help with all the crumbs and keyboard fluff on my desk which is where the new (and unrelated) Robo Vacuum come to the rescue, a robotic cleaner for your desk.

Picking up life’s little messes is easy with the Robo Vacumâ„¢! This tiny desktop robot is a perfect for sucking up those kitchen crumbs and desktop debris. It’s easy to use and easy to clean! Simply push top button to activate the vacuum and slide over dry crumbs and other debris. No vacuum bags required! It hold all of the debris in it’s crumb compartment. Just pop open the top and empty it out!

Robo Vacuum is available now from WowZzers for $18.99.

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