Deli-Touch Digital Pen

by Mark R


This problem always seems to happen when I’m dining at a restaurant: I have read the menu, and made my selection. However, the waiter or waitress never seems to come around, even though I’ve got the menu folded up on the corner of the table. I then have to wave my hands to get his or her attention, and that is just plain awkward.

Okay, I guess it is not really a problem per se, but this is the digital age, for crying out loud, and there is always a technological alternative to the middleman. A Japanese manufacturer has addressed this issue with the Deli-Touch.

The Deli-Touch is a digital pen that looks a lot like the Fly Fusion from Leap Frog. It interacts in the same way as a customer can use it to scan an item in the menu. From there, the data is transmitted wirelessly to a printer, then the kitchen staff read it and make it. All the waiter or waitress does is bring it to you.

I’m guessing this would not be the tool of choice for a fancy restaurant, but it would probably fit right in at the local Applebee’s. Of course, I haven’t heard what would happen if your order gets lost in transmission. I mean, you really have to accept on faith that your order reached the kitchen. I guess if you’re waiting too long, you’ll probably need to wave your hands to get your wait-person’s attention.

The Deli-Touch system is available to rent for $418. The kit comes with 30 pens, a server, and printer.


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