Apple files patent for multitouch “chords”


Apple Chords

I love looking over patent applications. I’m not the kind of geek that constantly sifts through every filing at the FCC, but every now and then someone catches a new filing that it worth looking at. The latest is an application from Apple which describes a possible new multitouch trackpad that utilizes chords.

When I read the word “chords” I immediately thought of playing the guitar, which when I looked at the rest of the application, made complete sense. Essentially, you could program the trackpad to respond to various gestures with a combination of your four fingers (no thumb). You could then set each gesture to activate a different command.

I’m not a Mac user, but this does sound like something that would be pretty cool to use. I doubt it would be long before someone developed some type of software which would allow you to make music with the chords. Unfortunately we have no idea when or if Apple will be implementing this technology into their MacBooks.

Source: Crave

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Eh, what? Says: February 27, 2008 at 12:06 am

What exactly does the FCC have to do with patent filing?

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