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phone-penetration.jpgDo you know anyone in your circle of friends who does not yet own a cell phone? Probably not, as all and sundry have already picked up a handset regardless of age and economic background. After all, cell phone manufacturers have long catered their handsets to people from all walks of life, ranging from super cheap phones to high ends ones that seem to be able to do everything. The keyword for the latter group is ‘seem’, as Real Networks CEO Rob Glaser thinks otherwise. The man says that everyone will eventually carry at least a couple of cell phones since there is no perfect handset that is capable of doing everything you want and provide everything you need.

According to Glaser, “his belief was fueled by differences in input methods, size, and functionality between devices.” He even goes on to say that “no single phone can do everything easily, which is why the public will be driven to carry multiple devices. Mobile penetration won’t stop at 100%. It will go to 200 percent because the notion of a single device that does it all isn’t the way (the market is) going to go.”

Do you agree with Glaser? After all, there are serious repercussions to think about should everyone start to carry double the handsets. We will have even more headache trying to dispose of these phones whenever we make an upgrade, our pockets will be way heavier, we will consume a larger amount of electricity trying to juice up dead batteries – the negative aspects are nearly endless. Not to forget, you have double the chance of somebody calling you in the cinema and disrupting everybody else’s enjoyment of the movie. Are you already carrying two handsets to begin with? Remember, those mobile carrier fees can surely add up if you’re not careful.

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Bethany Says: February 18, 2008 at 6:53 am

I’ve gone in the opposite direction. I’m all about convergence. When I bought my iPhone, I was able to get rid of my iPod nano, phone, and sidekick. Although the sidekick was better for texting/IM, I would never want to carry around a second phone again.

Picasso Says: February 18, 2008 at 8:22 am

Huckberry juice I say. Talk about putting fear in everyone to make them buy more junk they ALREADY have because that’s exactly what that type of thinking is. Advertisers are good at creating a need BEFORE there’s a demand to get consumers thinking maybe they don’t have everything they need and make them feel inadequate. First of all, we don’t even need cell phones to start with. All you need is a prepaid emergency cell and keep it in your car for emergencies and that’s it. As far as people contacting you, people back then only had home phones with message boxes. I mean, do we really need to be bothered 24/7 as if our job isn’t enough to keep us busy, to also be distracted by incoming senseless calls from friends and family and on top of that also sells reps?

If it’s an emergency, send me an email because it’s just as fast as we al have computers with internet and check it every hour. So the idea of need multiple handsets because one doesn’t do everything is just plain ridiculous like that iPhone with internet- why strain my eyes when I have a nice 24″ monitor to surf the web? Give me a break.

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