Dell set to launch new AMD-based systems this week


Dell Optiplex

Remember last week when we told you that Dell had gotten rid of almost all of their AMD-based systems from their online store? Even though they posted a note on their site letting you know that you should look to their retail partners for AMD-powered PCs, they appear to have changed their mind. Later this week we’ll see several new systems from Dell, and they don’t have Intel inside.

The new OptiPlex 740 PCs are slated to feature Phenom Triple-Core and Quad-Core chips, as well as the standard Athlon X2 Dual-Core CPUs. Dell has opted not to use integrated graphics, but rather utilize the Nvidia Quatro NVS 210S PCI Express x16 card.

The company has also stated that that in addition to their new business class machines, they will also be offering a SOHO line during this year’s back-to-school period. I’m glad to hear that Dell hasn’t decided to give up on AMD just yet. I’ve been a big AMD fan for a long time, I’d hate to see Dell return to their Intel-only days.

Source: TGDaily

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