New BBQ lighter gets coals flaming in seconds

by James

60 second bbq

There’s a great debate in the Bar-b-que world that meat only tastes better when cooked over an open flame, and even more so when cooked with charcoal (I prefer Applewood, actually). But historically sspeaking, the charcoal grill has been more of an exercise in frustration for backyard warriors only seeking to start the flame, much less cook on it. The 60 second charcoal starter from Hammacher changes all that.

It looks more like a lightsaber than a charcoal lighter (although I bet Luke Skywalker could light one lickety split), but instead of light plasma, it uses hot air heated to nearly 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. The wand is buryed inside the pile of coal to heat until the briquettes begin to spark. Then, the wand is removed and continues to heat the pile until the fire starts. The result is a cleaner flame that doesn’t rely on the dangers of BBQ gas that can be overused and start a serious fire.
The 60 second charcoal starter is powered by 110 AC, so the wand won’t be used on any backpacking trips anytime soon. But road warriors with an RV or generator with an electrical outlet will be able to enjoy fire for cooking as long as they have a decent extension cord.

Cost is is around $80 from Hammacher.

Hat Tip: DVIce.

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