Soda-Club DIY drinking gadget

sodaclub.jpgIf you are a huge soda lover (in more ways than one) and would like to try something ecologically friendly, the Soda-Club could be your ticket.

Americans who have resolved to be more eco-friendly, or to drop a few pounds (or both!) can kill two birds with one stone with Soda-Club. This cool do-it-yourself gadget comes with reusable carbonating bottles, which you fill with good old tap water to make soda, seltzer, or virtually any kind of carbonated drink. If Soda-Club makers are used to make just half of the soda or seltzer the average American consumer drinks in a year, a family of four can reduce their use of throwaway single-serve beverage containers by 1,000 every year.

No only is the Soda-Club good for the earth, it also helps watch out for your waistline as all its mixes are free from high-fructose corn syrup, which amounts to two-thirds less the calories, sugar and carbs than store-bought soda.

2 thoughts on “Soda-Club DIY drinking gadget”

  1. I’m not quite sure about that. I do know, however, that if you are interested in the seltzer, then it definitely works out to be cheaper to use this.

  2. This is exactly like Soda Stream, we had this when I was a kid in England about 30 years ago, has this only just limped across the Atlantic?

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