Keep 10 different memory cards in a single holder


Flash Memory Card Holder

When I’m on the road covering an event of some sort, I have several different memory cards that go with me. My Canon Rebel needs a Compact Flash card, my backup Kodak camera has an SD card, my phone takes a microSD and even my camcorder wants a Sony Memory Stick. Naturally, each card has its own little plastic case, which can be something of a hassle. If you’ve got as many cards to carry as I do, you might like this Flash Memory Card Holder.

The case looks to be about the size of an Altoids tin and slides open to reveal three separate compartments which hold up to 10 different memory cards. Unfortunately, it’s rare to actually need 10 different types of flash memory, so it would be nice if you could customize the holder to your liking.

There’s of course one other catch to this handy little gadget. It’s not real. Yes, you, much like myself, have just gotten excited about a product that does not exist. It is a concept for now, but hopefully will be turned into an actual retail product sometime in the future.

Source: GearFuse

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