Fisheye camera gets a successor


fisheye-2-compact-cam.jpgFor those who found the Fisheye camera interesting, here’s a successor that will add even more interesting elements into the equation.

Like the original, it captures nearly 180-degrees of your surrounding environment, it yields a nearly circular shot on a rectangular image, it can be used day or night, it looks incredibly suave, it is light and compact for easy pocket-carrying, and most importantly, it will absolutely knock you head over heels with it’s breathtakingly distorted and fierce images! At a ridiculously affordable price, the Fisheye Compact allows users of all ranges of experience to experiment with the most fun photographic lens! What’s more, it uses standard 35mm film that can be bought and processed at any supermarket!

What’s this ridiculous price, you ask? Well, it retails for a whopping £57.99 – that’s enough to get you an entry level digital camera so you don’t have to worry about purchasing film ever again. Would you settle for the Fisheye 2 Compact Camera?

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