Turn your backyard into a drive-in


Backyard Drive-in

When I was a kid my parents would load my brother and I up into the car and take us to the drive-in theater to watch a couple of movies. I honestly enjoyed that more than I’ve ever really liked going to indoor theaters. Sure, there are more bugs, but there’s just something about being outside that makes it more fun. Unfortunately when I was still rather young it closed down, and I haven’t been to another since. If you’ve been longing for an outdoor movie experience like me, why not make your own? This projector screen would certainly come in handy for doing so.

The Backyard Drive-in is probably the most simplistic outdoor projector screen that I have seen so far. It is mostly comprised of an expandable aluminum framework and a special fabric that is made to stand up against wear and tear in the outdoors. If you’re not into watching movies or playing video games (can you imagine playing Halo 3 on something like that?) it can also be utilized as a portable billboard.

The Backyard Drive-in comes in two sizes, the first has a viewing area of 10’6” x 6′ while the larger is 13’6” x 9′. You’ll need some deep pockets as they’ll set you back $1,049 and $1,449 respectively.

Source: GeekAlerts

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