PicooZ Chinook Now that’s Cool

PicooZ Tandem Z

We’ve raved about the PicooZ R/C helicopters before, I also bought my self daughter a pair of the battling helicopters for Christmas (they are still very cool), this next release from PicooZ looks to continue the coolest R/C toy tradition, the Tandem Z, a remote control Chinook.

The helicopter has super wide infrared control, a built-in Li-Poly battery, trim control and durable body. It has sophisticated gyroscopic effect for stability and twin rotor blades that work in Tandem. It also has a unique roto-blade system for steady take off and it’s a 3 channel helicopter (forwards, backwards, left, right, up and down).

A normal charge of 20-25 minutes should give you a flight time of around 10 minutes, and this is done directly from the remote control (requires 6xAA batteries).

The only thing lacking is you can’t shoot down other Chinook’s maybe that’s planned for the next release (hopefully), you can buy the PicooZ Tandem Z for £40.00 (~$82) from Red 5.