Unique Heart-Endorned Laptop Bags

450_pinkwhitewhitexlarger.jpgYes, we all know laptop bags can be boring. On the flip side of that coin, it’s nearly impossible to find something that isn’t black, made of heavy duty nylon mesh or both. Nearly all of the bags on the market are boring, and for most people, that’s OK. I am one of those people who needs to have something different, something fun!

The people over at Plastic People Design in partnership with SupremeLoveStory have created some unique laptop bags made with some fun colors and featuring heart appliques and accessories. This is the most recent design from the group, which changes periodically. The philosophy of Plastic People Design is:

PLASTIC PEOPLE is about positivity. It is about creating a product that makes people smile. PLASTIC PEOPLE is image… a happy exterior, always smiling, even if the inside (of the bag) is a complete mess!

Though we realize products cannot bring true happiness, at least a bit of outer fun and a happy accessory can make a person smile. Will seeing the symbol of a heart remind a person to be kind? If so, by carrying this you are contributing to goodness in the world. Carrying a PLASTIC PEOPLE bag is like speading the love to everyone you pass… like eminating ‘love bubbles’…

Each bag comes with a matching clutch/make-up bag and heart mirror; removable laptop sleeve attaches with velcro; 4 metal bottom feet protect bottom; are made of animal-friendly imitation leather; outer pocket w/ invisible magnetic snap; exterior side pocket for cell phone and; 2 interior zippered pockets.

Pick up a “Standard Sally” (fits up to a 15″ laptop, $165) or a “Large Lucy” (for 17″ laptops, $175) in four color combinations: pink/white/white, tan/white/pink, brown/tan/pink, and black/tan/red. A bit expensive, but for something this unique, it is worth it.

[Plastic People Design via Geek Sugar]

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with your statement that nearly all of the bags on the market are boring, and we’re looking for something different. The bags in your post look awesome! There’s a trend now towards laptop bags that don’t look like laptop bags. Unfortunately, for some retailers, that means creating laptop bags that neither look like laptop bags nor function like laptop bags. Just because a bag is big enough to hold a laptop, this doesn’t make it a laptop bag. If you’re in the market for a cool, fun laptop bag, then have fun and get crazy! But make sure that the bag has the protective padding that you need to protect your laptop, as well as the specialized pockets for those little extras like a mouse, cables, and so on. Otherwise, you’ll end up buying a bag that’s just a bag.

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