Nvida gets into the mobile phone biz


Nvidia APX 2500

Nvidia is a company which is well-known for their graphics chips that are currently dominating the market. While none of their other technologies will likely ever become as popular as their GeForce chips, they have decided to venture into the cell phone market.

No, you aren’t going to see an Nvida phone per se, but don’t be surprised if you see a “Powered By Nvidia” sticker on the back of one. With the amount of experience they have with developing chips that process video and graphics, which would be valuable to an industry that is rapidly expanding their multimedia offerings.

What’s interesting is that handset manufacturers that decide to go with an Nvidia chip can bank on a certain degree of brand recognition. Sure, your mom and dad aren’t likely going to know who they are, but you can bet that every gamer will be excited to see that little sticker.

Nvidia already has a chip dubbed the APX 2500 which is clocked at 750MHz and can decode 720p high-def video. Now that would be a powerful phone worth picking up. They report that they already have several customers lined up, but are reluctant to give out any names.

Source: Crave

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