IC Hexapod takes pictures, finds hidden Rebel Base

by Mark R

IC Hexapod

London is the city that is hosting a Monster Mash, a giant collection of artwork mixed with robotronics. One such exhibit is the iC Hexapod hobby robot.

The iC Hexapod bears a strong resemblance to a certain probe droid that Han shot on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. The Hexapod appears to have the same mission, as it is programmed to walk around and take pictures.

In fact, it can take over 800 pictures and store them in its internal memory. The spidery robot can even download it to its personal website. It can operate for about 19 hours without recharging.

The iC Hexapod was designed by Matt Denton. Matt is the company manager of Micromagic Systems, which makes animatronics and puppet controls like the effects in the Harry Potter films. I wonder if he designed those spider thingys in Minority Report.

I’m not certain if there is any plan to mass-market the iC Hexapod, but I don’t see why. After all, it certainly sounds like something that could really liven up the party, and take a lot of pictures to remember the occasion. Unfortunately, the pictures would all be from a worm’s eyes point-of-view. Maybe someone better put longer legs on this guy. That, or make him hover. This could be scary, though.


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