With iPhone/iPod potential, Starbucks dumps TMobile for AT&T

by James

Apple Starbucks

In a previous post, we mentioned that the potential to be able to order a Starbucks using your iPhone was huge. Well, it seems that the Seattle Coffee Giant is ready to make that move as all Starbucks are replacing T-Mobile with AT&T.

Going all out with AT&T make sense considering Starbucks’ existing relationship with Apple which allows users to order music via the iTunes Music Store and the fact that iPhone users are already carried by AT&T means that transition will be smooth and easy. In addition, pricewise, the move is a great one for Starbucks fans as the new AT&T plan will allow for up to 2 free hours of WiFi per day, with additional 2-hours available at four bucks. AT&T will also offer monthly subscriptions at $19.99 which will allow users to surf while they’re lunching at McDonalds or any of the over 7,000 AT&T hot spots in North America. That means the potential for acquiring new customers on both ends is a lot better than T-Mobile, which required a daily cost of $9.99 or monthly membership to surf – no iTunes orders included.

Plans are for T-Mobile to be phased out starting this spring with all Starbucks becoming as AT&T hotspots by year’s end.

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Neagle Says: February 11, 2008 at 6:55 pm

Thats cool if you like burnt corporate coffee/sludge but, here is a wild thought, support your local cafe. Most local shops have free wi-fi and will actually speak with you in person. If your lucky, perhaps the local coffee wizard may even remember how you like your coffee that special way. I am all about infrastructure but, at the end who profits is important.

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