Ford Work Solutions system


ford-image-assist.jpgFord is well known for their trucks, and the company has been wrecking their brains for the next big thing which will add a handsome amount to the company’s coffers at the financial year end. The answer to their dilemma? A system known as Work Solutions which sees a combination of wireless technology, new safety features as well as a fully functional in-dash computer that enables business owners to concentrate on getting the job done instead of mulling over what it takes to do so. The truck’s bed contains a Master Lock that ensures your tools don’t run off on their own accord thanks to a retractable 8-foot long cable and a spool housed in hardened plastic. A 6.5″ touch screen display allows you to use the built-in computer system to navigate, powered by Windows CE while 2GB of internal memory makes it operate in a fuss-free manner. Would you be getting a Ford truck anytime soon?

Source: American Inventor Spot

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