Dell ceases online sales of AMD-based PCs


Dell Vostro Laptop

I remember back when Dell finally wised up and decided to put some AMD chips in their computers. Being a longtime AMD fan, I was overjoyed (even if I wouldn’t touch a Dell with a 10-foot pole) at their decision to give consumers a choice in CPUs. Unfortunately it was around that time that AMD began to really lose ground against Intel. They’ve yet to really pull out of their slump, and now Dell is reconsidering their sales of AMD chips.

So far they’ve just nixed AMD CPUs from their online store. You can still find a few here and there, but that’s only temporary. They’ve add ed a few words of caution to those looking for AMD systems on their site:

Shop for Dell computers with AMD processors in retail stores. See our retail partners for details.
Computers with AMD processors are not available online.
Personally, I think Dell picked the wrong time to partner with AMD. Back when the X2 processors hit the scene AMD was kicking ass and taking names. They’ll pull out of their slump like they always do, and Dell will have another missed opportunity.

Source: DailyTech

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