Spice Up Your Belt With A Geek Belt Buckle

by Carolyn

geek_buckles.jpgLet’s face it, most belts are boring. The only saving grace for these boring belts is to sass it up with a custom belt buckle. Problem is, most belt buckles either range from the death skull (or the ones that say “f*ck”) to giant rodeo style buckles that would feel more at home on the back of a bull or bronco than walking down the street. And let’s face it, no self-respecting geek would be caught dead in a rodeo style belt buckle.
So what’s a geek who has dreams of having an awesome belt buckle to do?

You go to Think Geek and pick up one of the three (hell, get all three!) Geek Belt Buckles. From the website:

These delightful belt buckles come in three varieties that are sure to please any dedicated geek. Nintendo controller for the retro gamer in you, Darth Vader for the Star Wars fan and Transformers for the Optimus Prime lovers out there.

– Transformers 2.75″ tall by 2.5″ wide and will fit a belt up to 1.5″ wide
– Nintendo 2″ tall by 4.5″ wide and will fit a belt up to 1.75″ wide
– Vader 3.5″ tall by 3.5″ wide and will fit a belt up to 1.5″ wide

Seriously. How much cred would you have in your IT department if you were wearing an Autobot belt buckle with your khakis and polo shirt? Then you show up the next day with Darth Vader? And for “Casual Friday”, you kick it old school with the classic NES controller. You would become a legend. Awesome.

Priced at $14.99 each, you can afford to pick up all three. And why wouldn’t you?

[Think Geek]

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Mark Says: February 9, 2008 at 8:21 am

Why settle for a fake NES controller buckle when you can have a real one?


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