Microsoft drops their Xbox 360 HD DVD player to $129.99

Xbox 360 HD DVD

I still want to believe that HD DVD is going to pull out of its slump and emerge victorious. Sure, it’s a pipe dream, but I can still hope right? I figured that with the cheaper players, they were sure to come out on top. Well, if you’re still convinced that they’ve got a shot, and you own an Xbox 360, now is a good time to get yourself and HD DVD player add-on.

Microsoft has officially announced that they’ve slashed the price of their HD DVD player add-on for the Xbox 360 by $50. Sure, this is likely an act of desperation to move the units before the format dies completely, but there’s always the chance for a miracle, right?

One thing to consider is that at $129, it will at least make a good upscaling DVD player. Don’t forget that you still get 5 free HD DVDs whenever you purchase select players (which includes this one).

Source: EverythingUSB

3 thoughts on “Microsoft drops their Xbox 360 HD DVD player to $129.99”

  1. Don’t bother. I’d rather buy a PS3 that includes the blurray player too plus you get all the advantages of an X-Box and more. Unfortunately, buying X-Box now is as good as throwing your money away down the toilet because technology is moving now at an alarming rate. X-box will get slashed even lower and still won’t make good sells.

  2. So far i have spent a TOTAL of £500 on a Toshiba HD DVD Player and 38 HD DVD TITLES.
    Now for the same amount i could of got a blu ray player (profile 1, i.e. not complete spec) and would of ended up with only 11 blu ray titles…

  3. Hd-dvd is a great investment right now. I have both a ps3 and and xbox 360 and I am getting amazing deals on hd-dvds right now. Sony fanboys can wait to build their collections but I am enjoying both sets of titles right now (with hd-dvds having more out than i like and at a better price).

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