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batphone.jpgI’m quite sure that there are many of you out there who grew up on a diet of Batman while you were kids, which probably means you would have fond memories of Police Commissioner Gordon calling everyone’s favorite caped crusader, Batman, on this flashing red Batphone that Alfred the butler will pick up. Subsequently, millionaire playboy Wayne and his your partner Dick Grayson will don their respective winged animal-inspired costumes to go out and combat whatever evil the night brings. Ever wished you could have a similar phone like Batman, minus those calls that interrupt your sleep during the wee hours of the morning? That dream can finally come true thanks to this bright red flashing Batphone.

It does not matter one bit whether you receive an emergency call or not – even a plain standard incoming call will result in the bright red light located in the center of a shiny chrome ring to start flashing like mad in order to get you off your lazy chair and answer the call. Developed by AbleComm, Inc., this new home phone features a classic sixties styling in a highly durable form factor thanks to a heavy duty construction process and a two-year warranty, just in case it ends up as a weapon during a domestic dispute. There is no need for a power cord or batteries since this Batphone draws all the power it requires from the phone line.

There is also an option to disconnect the bell whenever there is an incoming call if you can’t stand the retro sound that goes with its yesteryear looks. Alternatively, ditching the buzzer opens up the door to install a buzzer instead, depending on your preferences. The Batphone will retail for $112 a pop including the bell and currently ships across the US. Sidekicks are not included with each purchase.

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Jack Says: September 11, 2008 at 6:28 am

Will this phone work ok in the UK?

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