Coke Mini CD Audio System


What looks like a like a trio of Coke bottle boxes from the outside is actually a Coke Mini System CD Player that comes with the following features :-

  • 0.9″ LED alarm clock display
  • Alarm clock with wake-up-to buzzer/radio
  • Power on/off/auto switch able
  • CD/AM/FM band switch
  • Tuning control, Volume control, Snooze button
  • Alarm set/Time set/Hour set/Minute set/Sleep set button (back)
  • 16 CD programmable memory
  • Play-Pause/Stop/Skip up/Skipdown/Repeat/Program button
  • 6.5′ line cord with Polarized plug
  • 4 inches, 8 ohm speaker x 2 (slot type speaker holes)
  • Speaker cords, 6.5′ each, one end attached & the other clip type
  • Back-up battery for clock: DC 9V (battery not included)
  • Max. output power: 1.2W x 2
  • Power source: AC 120V, 60 Hz

I guess there’s nothing quite like gulping down a refreshing bottle of Coke while grooving to your favorite tunes on a sweltering summer afternoon with this $179.95 audio system.

Product Page via Nerd Approved