ViewPlus IVEO Hands-on Learning System

by Mark R

ViewPlus IVEO

I suppose that the only way the next generation is going to learn is in electronic interactive formats. Fortunately, ViewPlus is prepared for this educational era as the company unveiled the IVEO Hands-on Learning System.

The basic kit comes with an IVEO touchpad, a touch-sensitive pad that the student interacts with using raised and embossed templates. Touching pictures and diagrams on the pad turns on the software for descriptions including sound, music, or even links to websites.

It sounds a lot like the Leap Frog LeapPad, true, but it is based on scientific studies that have shown that students today learn more with the interaction of sound, light, and touch. All of this learning system works with the software options of the IVEO Viewer, the IVEO Creator, and the IVEO Creator Pro.

According to the Press Release, it looks like View Plus has created some curriculum packs that will be available soon for such subjects like biology, math, health, and geography. I suppose that sounds good for any classroom, but what really should make this product work is user-created format, so teachers can have individualized lessons.

The Press release did not say exactly when the View Plus IVEO will be available, but it does say that the touchpad itself will run about $600, and the packaged deal is about $1,300.

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