LeapFrog announces new video game systems


LeapFrog Enterprises have just dropped an announcement for a couple of new web-connected video game systems which are connected to the proprietary LeapFrog Learning Path. The Leapster2 Learning Game System is the latest addition to the Leapster family, further expanding gameplay online whilst enabling parents to check up on what their child is learning (definitely better than being “taught” by MTV) and sharing in their accomplishments. You will find that the online capabilities in the all-new Didj Custom Gaming System is able to hook up gameplay with schoolwork, enabling kids to pick and choose the game they like with spelling lists, math problems and more.

Parents, take note. Christian Cocks, vice president of gaming at LeapFrog mentions, “LeapFrog is the leader in educational handheld gaming and now with Leapster2 and Didj, we are offering parents and kids even more choice and capability. Kids want to play video games, and as parents we want them to get the most from that experience. Our new Leapster2 and Didj handhelds are products that parents can feel good about and that kids can have a terrific time playing.” I suppose he has a good point there, as it definitely is a much better compared to all those shooters available in home consoles these days.

The Leapster2 system comes in a new form factor that is easy on the eye, featuring edutainment titles such as the exclusive educational game license for Star Wars: The Clone Wars as well as the summer 2008 Disney/Pixar blockbuster WALL E. Just like the original Leapster which we covered just last month, the Leapster2 handheld will come with auto-levels that makes it able to adjust games to children’s particular skills and progress, providing just the right challenge. Since it features online connectivity as well, parents will be able to check up on their protege’s accomplishments to dish out the appropriate amount of encouragement. I wish parents will see my level 80 Warlock in World of Warcraft and be proud of it, but somehow they seem oblivious to such an “achievement” and instead criticize me for spending too much time in front of computer monitor. The Leapster2 handheld will retail for $69.99 this summer.

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