DIY Voice Changer is perfect for prank calls

DIY Voice Changer

Are you the kind of person that likes to tinker around with DIY projects? I love my Dremel, and actively search for reasons to use it. If you’re the same way, and have a taste for pulling practical jokes on unsuspecting friends, then might I suggest looking into the DIY Digital Voice Changer Kit?

This kit is the absolute bare-minimum that you’ll need to pull off the best pranks, or add a little something to your music. You only get the small board shown, but it offers speaker output with 1.5W at 4 ohms. You also get a line out that will make it easy to hook up to your phone or music equipment.

A 9V battery is all you need to power this handy voice-altering device, which makes it extremely portable. Best of all, it will only set you back a measly $13.95. Surely you can find something amusing to do with this little gadget.

Source: UberGizmo