BlackBerry used to make car reservation


qdrivium.jpgWe all know how indispensable the humble BlackBerry is in our lives, but apart from keeping everything together at the seams, this little device that could will now be able to make car reservations as well, thanks to its collaboration with Qdrivium. Some of the features of this real-time service include :-

  • Ability to make an office, airport, favorite place, home, or regular address reservations directly using a BlackBerry or other wireless browser-enabled device
  • Make reservations for guests
  • Provides a seamless upgrade path from Desktop reservations to BlackBerry reservations
  • Cost-management features include budget alerts, time restrictions, split voucher costs, and fare ceilings
  • Centralized view and reporting into all car service charges which are clearly itemized and displayed in real-time
  • Uphold contractual pricing terms with service providers whether using multiple rate books or a single rate book
  • Transparent insight into zone and pricing calculations

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