Motus Darwin

by Mark R


I think Nintendo made the right move when they traded a multiple button joystick for the motion-controlled Wiimote. I can testify that the Wiimote makes gaming an exciting experience, and it looks like more companies want to get in on the motion-controlled action.

One such company is the Motus Corporation, who has created a motion-based control for non-game functions such as the PC. I’m guessing that a user can use it like a mouse without a pad. The controller is called the Darwin, and it doesn’t look like it will win that award anytime soon.

The Motus Darwin differs from the Nintendo Wiimote in how it functions. The Wiimote determines its position with the infrared sensor, but the Motus Darwin uses gyroscopes and accelerometers to track its position in respect to the earth itself. Motus has experience making motion-control systems including the iClub, a device to help golfers improve their golf swing.

I believe that the Motus Darwin is designed after a samurai sword, but I don’t see the resemblance. I am guessing it is the shape, but lacks the friction of the grip.

The Motus Darwin is slated for release this fall. If the technology catches on, you will see a lot of imitators as people use their motion-controlled mice everywhere.


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