Asus Eee PC Chargers from Brando


Gadget mavens Brando has a couple of chargers for the hugely successful Asus Eee PC, coming in the form of the Asus Eee PC Car Charger cable and the Asus Eee PC Travel Charger. The former retails for $18 while the latter is going for $23, with both capable of keeping your Eee PC juiced up no matter where you are. Needless to say, the car charger only works whenever you’re in a vehicle, while the Travel Charger makes it convenient to keep your Eee PC going no matter which part of the globe you’re at, supporting AC100v – AC240v with different plug heads that allows you to ditch your universal travel adapter.

Eee PC Car Charger Cable
Eee PC Travel Charger

3 thoughts on “Asus Eee PC Chargers from Brando”

  1. DO NOT BUY. This thing shorted out within weeks of my owning it, and the cord is about three feet long- totally useless. buy only if you travel often enough to need all the extra prongs, and even then, I wouldn’t reccomend it.

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