Digital camera rain cover

hydrophobia-300-600.jpgIf you think that getting a waterproof digital camera case for your precious photo-snapping device might be a bit over the top, why not settle for the Hydrophobia 300 – 600? This is touted to be the first rain cover that was meant to be pre-mounted for quick deployment. Perfect for those who work in the field and don’t want the unpredictable weather to spoil not only the shot but equipment, it can be deployed quickly and without hassle. The Hydrophobia is capable of fitting over a 300 f2.8, 400 f2.8, 500 f4, and 600 f4 lenses, ideally pitting it in the sports and nature photography markets. The fabric used claims to be 10 times more waterproof than standard fabric, relying on a “film” on the underside instead of a “spray” coating. Waterproof tape is applied to all seams to create a seemingly and thoroughly waterproof cover. No idea on how much it costs though.

Source: Let’s Go Digital