Wireless 7-Day Weather Forecaster Works Anywhere

by Carolyn

wireless_7day_weather_forecaster_diagram.jpgOne of the most important things that I do every day is pay attention to the weather. It determines what I wear, whether or not I wear a raincoat or take an umbrella with me or if I need to bring along a scarf. Or, perhaps I just want to know what’s in store for the weekend on Tuesday so I can make my escape to places warmer than here if it’s going to be cold and dreary.

Over at Think Geek, they’re selling the Wireless 7-Day Weather Forecaster and this great product will give you the most up to date weather data where ever you go.

From the product page:

Running on a free wireless network spanning the continental USA it works virtually anywhere and requires no set-up. The 7-Day Weather Forecaster gives you a weeks worth of detailed weather predictions from AccuWeather.com. Put one in your bedroom for that early morning injection of data, or gift one to your Aunt who can’t seem to shut off the weather channel. You get continuous display of weather forecast data for 150 U.S. locations from AccuWeather.com — no PC or internet connection required. Now you can always know daily high and low temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, UV index, pollen, and air qualiity alerts.

I think it’s awesome that this will work just about anywhere and that you don’t need to go through some complicated set-up in order for it to work. The back light color changes to indicate temperature at a glance. You can put it on your desk at home or at work with the included stand or you can mount it on a wall anywhere. Runs on 4 AA batteries (not included) and can be picked up for $199.99. A bit spendy but damn is it handy.

[Think Geek]

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