Latest Tech News – 1 February

by Tiago

SanDisk SDHC 32GB Memory Card

SanDisk presents 32GB memory card

In the world of digital cameras and every other gadget related to photos, all the attention right now is going to the PMA 2008, the Photo Marketing Association trade show.

With that being said, SanDisk has presented a new memory card with 32GB of storage capacity. The type of card is on the Ultra II SDHC category, and was specially made for video cameras.

While the 32GB version will only become available in April with a cost of $350, there is another version with less capacity – 16GB – that will hit the shelves on March and has a price tag of $180. In case you want something smaller, there is still another model with a special feature, it has 8GB and comes with a USB plug so you can easily connect it to a computer to transfer data. The other models also include a MicroMate USB card reader.

Supertelephoto Zoom Lens

Still on the PMA 2008 topic, a new and expensive lens has popped up thanks to Sigma. The beast costs $34,000 and is supposed to be used by photographers of wildlife, sports, and other subjects. As expected by the price, the new Sigma lens features a huge zoom range and a wide aperture as well.

On the lens itself, there is space for a LCD screen that displays information related to the zoom, a slot to insert filters so the photos can have that special feeling (and look), and last but not least, zoom settings, and a lithium-on battery.

Source: Cnet

Guest post by Tiago of Gadgetizer

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