Bluetrek SurfaceSound Compact

bluetrek-surface-sound.jpgI’m sure many of you by now have Bluetooth devices in your car that help to facilitate a hands-free conversation on your cell phone while driving, but Bluetrek’s SurfaceSound Compact works a little bit differently thanks to NXT flat-panel speaker technology that pumps out more volume without compromising on call quality via Bluetooth. The built-in rechargeable battery is good up to 15 hours on a single charge, and will be able to replenish its juice through the car charger or the included USB cable. Would you pay $100 for this, or prefer to settle for some sort of Bluetooth headset instead?

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2 thoughts on “Bluetrek SurfaceSound Compact”

  1. How about a Bluetooth enable digital car stereo as an alternative? I’m always looking for less clutter in the car.

  2. *IF* the sound is clear and loud enough, I’d prefer to get the headset off of my ears whenever possible.

    Equally important is the sound quality of the microphone. I tried 3 stereo bluetooth headsets (WiMuffs, Sony, Jabra) and returned all of them primarily because every one of the products had terrible sound for those on the other end. It was bad enough that they didn’t even want to endure one conversation.

    In addition, I really have to wonder know how these companies test their headsets for both comfort (i.e. how long before you rip them off of your head because your outer ears are throbbing in pain) and PGEF (Public Geek Embarrassment Factor). I asked my next door neighbor to tell me honestly how the WiMuffs looked and she said they looked like I was wearing a pair of double stuffed Oreos on the sides of my head. The Jabra consists of two separate over the ear loop pieces. They didn’t look too bad but they have a cord running between them with a battery holder. Doh! If I wanted a cord, I wouldn’t be spending all the extra money for a bluetooth *wireless* headset! The Sony sounded good but they were pretty uncomfortable after wearing them for more than 20 min (granted that may vary quite a bit for every individual) but the Sony does *not* come with any kind of bluetooth transmitter for pairing it with MP3 player and the box was not completely clear about the contents (there is an image that looked like a transmitter to both me and the sales person). Sony sells a tranmitter for aprox. $90, which puts the bundle at close to $200 – more than I wanted to pay. Oh and just like the others, the sound from my phone to others was unacceptable.

    Well, if you’ve read that rant and you have a recommendation for a stereo bluetooth headset that:

    – Is comfortable to wear for at least a hour (subjective)
    – Has good sound to the people I call
    – Has good music quality
    – Doesn’t make me look like an extra on a bad 50’s sci-fi flick

    Then please let us know!

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