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I eat a lot of pizza, one might even call me a connoisseur of the pizza pie. I sample the (usually) circular dishes from a variety of restaurants on a regular basis. I’d say about half the time I choose the option to have my food delivered. During those forty minutes or so, I’m constantly wondering exactly when my pizza will get here. Well the fine folks at Domino’s Pizza have gone above and beyond to make sure you know where your pizza is, and what it’s doing.

If you’re sitting at home wondering if your pizza has even left the store yet, you can hop on the Domino’s website, plug in your phone number and get the details. The website will tell you which of the five phases (order placed, prep, bake, box and delivery) your pie is in, and even when exactly it left the store.

I’m curious whether or not this works on carry-out orders. Domino’s is the one place that I don’t (usually) get delivery from, as I can almost see their store from my house. Every now and then I’m just too lazy to drive two blocks to get my food.

Source: SlipperyBrick

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