Bath-O-Matic is Bather’s Dream Come True

by Mark R

Bath o matic

Today, I found out that someone took something from my dreams and made it into reality. You see, I always hoped to have a bathtub that is completely automated. I suppose it is kind of a pathetic dream that I have, but Bath-O-Matic has made it a reality.

If I want the temperature of the water to be a certain amount of degrees, I can have it without having to fiddle around with Hot and Cold knobs. Also, I can start the water and leave the room without ever worrying about overflow.

These are just a few of the features of the Bath-O-Matic. Unique Automation, the company that makes this product/service, has exceeded my expectations and added even more cool features. Apparently, the Bath-O-Matic has a remote control, so you can start your bath from your living room. There is even the option of mixing a combination of oils, bubbles, and fragrances so you can have a scent-ual bathing experience. Talk about aroma therapy.

I have to admit, it sounds the Bath-O-Matic could seriously revolution bathing as we know it. I’m not certain whether this is available now, or if it is still under development. The website is pretty minimal at best, but other articles about this product have already given me a price of about $8,000. That might be a high price to pay to let Calgon take you away.


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friendly guy Says: July 15, 2008 at 9:36 am

i think this is the best thing ever! i am buying two immeadiatly! but the new website is really good! a deafinate recommendation

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