Optimal Office Mouse Reads Your Stress Levels

by Mark R

Optimal Office Mouse

I think that anyone who is on the computer knows what stress is, especially at the office. Fortunately, the Optimal Office Mouse is here for us to both monitor and relieve our stress.

As you can see, the Optimal Office Mouse differs from your average mouse with that metallic spot on the side. All you have to do is press your thumb on that spot in order to gauge your stress levels.

Once the mouse detects that your stress levels are high, the included software kicks in and suggests that you perform some stress-relieving exercises. According to the site, the device uses Web 2.0 processes for stress relief that works on three levels.

The first is Micro-Training, a quick training that allows for relaxation as a way to keep employees on task. The second process works in conjunction with the stress measurement detector, as a specific window of warning appears on your computer screen. The third is for the management, as the management dashboard keeps track of all employees’ stress levels.

There are some definite applications for this device. After all, nobody likes job stress, and anything that could reduce it is a good thing. However, I can also see some abuses: I can just see the evil bosses of the world uniting to look at their employees’ stress levels, in order to make them higher.


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