New Raspberry Clocky For Your Sweetheart

by Carolyn

clocky1.jpgI love snoozing my alarm in the mornings and getting extra minutes of slumber before I have to get up for the day. My clock is right by the bed and I don’t even have to open my eyes to snooze it or turn it off. But some sadist came up with the Clocky alarm clock.

Clocky is an alarm clock that runs away and hides when you don’t wake up! Clocky gives you one chance to get up like a normal person. But if you try to cheat and stay in bed, Clocky will jump off of your nightstand, alarm sounding, and wheel around your room looking for a place to hide. Luckily, you can turn the feature of Clocky running away off – but then what would be the point of it?

Sure we’ve seen this gadget before – but now there’s more colors to choose from – even a raspberry color for Valentine’s Day (other colors are available)! Although I can think of nothing less romantic than an alarm clock for V. Day. But, if you’re a sadist, pick one up for $50 over at Nanda Home for your snooze-loving sweetheart.

[Nanda Home via Techie Diva]

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