Lego Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

by Mark R

Google Lego Logo

If you’re the type who loves reading gadget blogs like this one, then you probably loved playing with Lego as a child. Or maybe you still play with Lego, because I know I do. There is no shame in that, and Lego maniacs of the world should unite in celebration today.

Today, Lego celebrates its 50th birthday. You might not think that Lego is that old, but the product itself is actually over 50 years old. It was actually developed in 1949, but it wasn’t perfected until 1958. I guess Lego wants to mark 1958 as its birthday because the bricks from that time still fit bricks of today.

Even Google, the world’s biggest search engine, joined in the celebration as they displayed their logo in Lego yesterday. Their normal logo is displayed today, but if you missed it yesterday, I have provided an artist’s representation on the left.

Lego bricks have come a long way from the simple blocky bricks from back then. Now the bricks are curved, long, riveted, and some even contain programmable microprocessors.

To be honest, I don’t know where Lego can even go from here. I’m just glad that they have advanced to the point where they are now. So celebrate today and make a Lego cake. Just don’t try and eat it.


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