AMD targets gamers with new card


AMD looks as though they have snatched victory away from rival NVIDIA with the latest Radeon HD 3870 X2 graphics processing unit. Apparently, this two-chip graphics card offers nearly double the performance of the single chip Radeon HD 3870 which was rolled out last November which failed to make a dent in NVIDIA’s armor, so this latest effort means serious business by bringing one trillion floating point operations per second to the table – to further astound you, that’s the equivalent of a trillion mathematical calculations per second.

This latest AMD offering sees it competing with NVIDIA’s king of the hill – the GeForce 8800 Ultra which starts at a wallet bashing $630. Offering performance (according to AMD anyways) that is faster than NVIDIA’s card, it still retails nearly two Benjamins less than the 8800 Ultra, which means you get more bang for your 449 dollars. For those who think that this card is still not fast enough for their needs, there is always the option to pick up a couple of these and configure them in CrossFire X technology, which basically means you get quad-core performance on a single computer. CrossFire X support for the HD 3870 X2 will only arrive later this quarter.

While AMD is now ahead of the competition in terms of performance, chances are NVIDIA won’t take this development by lying down quietly. They’re still the leader when it comes to gaming video cards in the market, and rumors abound that NVIDIA will have something up their sleeves in order to regain the lofty top spot which they have held for far too long. I like healthy competition between them, but it seems that AMD might have fallen too far behind the race already, being in the defensive position all the time makes it hard to spring surprises like this.

Source: Information Week