Water Alarm Plus with Siren


water-alarm-siren.jpgA surprise water disaster is something that often happens to us at least once in a lifetime, but anything more than that amount is certainly not welcome. I guess this is where the Water Alarm Plus with Siren comes in handy.

The Water Alarm Plus with Siren was primarily designed for you to feel safe and secure, knowing that once any amount of water is detected where sensors are placed, you’ll be notified by phone as well as a siren alert. This basic starter system comes equipped with the water alarm dialer and the water siren (also available separately). Each unit is powered by a single 9-volt alkaline battery (sold separately).

$64.99 for some peace of mind certainly sounds worth every penny. The thing is, you’ve gotta hand your house keys over to your trusted plumber whenever you leave for a long holiday lest he can’t get in to fix that pesky leak when you’re not around!

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