Asus begins shipping Eee PCs with Windows XP in Japan


Asus Eee PC

It’s no small secret that Asus made waves with their super-small Eee PC. It has so many good things going for it that one has difficulty focusing on the negative. No, you won’t find me ranting and raving about a small hard drive or the fact that it runs Linux, I think it’s great that they’ve managed to make something this great that runs under $400. However, if you’re still hung up on the lack of Windows, don’t worry, as it will soon be an option.

Sure, you can install a copy of Windows on the machine, but many people don’t care to put that much effort into a brand new computer. This is why I’m happy to hear that Asus will be offering the 4GB model with a copy of Windows XP Home Edition installed.

The Windows-based version is identical to its Linux predecessor, and is currently on sale in Japan. Don’t fret though, a US release is planned for late February or March. The Japanese version is currently being sold for around $470, which is an understandable premium to get a copy of Windows installed.

Source: Crave

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