Insecta takes flight


insecta.jpgThis strange looking helicopter-insect hybrid known as the Insecta is yet another remote controlled toy to keep the kid within you entertained.

With its big glowing eyes, bug-ish legs, LED strobe light, colorful camouflaged body and membranous X-rotors, the rechargeable Insecta looks as if it’s just flown out of a sci-fi movie or the twisted mind of a comic book creator. Indeed you might feel like wearing your pants outside your tights every time you take to the skies. Or not. Also available in blue or green!

With the Insecta, you don’t have to worry about the weather outside as this little critter is very much capable of indoor flight, albeit it will be rather cramped (while risking the missus’ wrath). Still, you can risk sleeping on the couch for the night by handing over £19.95 to Firebox for the Insecta.

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