AT&T gives free WiFi access to DSL subscribers



For the first time since I switched to 10MB down cable internet, I wish I were still using my old AT&T DSL line. Actually it would take a lot to get me to go back to something that slow, but they sure are making it rather appealing. I’m talking about AT&T’s recent announcement to give DSL customers free access to any of their ten thousand WiFi hotspots.

This doesn’t actually affect all of their DSL customers, as you have to have the 1.5MB down plan to qualify, but that should include most people. The most common place to find such service would be your local McDonald’s, and Barns and Nobles stores.

I think this is a good move for the internet provider, as it gets rather tough to compete with the faster cable and fiber connections that people are getting these days. While I don’t see many people switching back to DSL, it might make a few people think twice before getting rid of their existing DSL line.

Source: WiFi Net News

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