500XL Speakers are giant iPod earbuds



When you’re on the bus or subway, or anywhere that people tend to be sitting for long periods you tend to notice that many of them are listening to MP3 players. What’s more is that you can almost always pick out the ones rocking out to an iPod by their iconic white earbuds. Most people I know that carry an iPod still use the same earbuds that came with the player because they like the way they look and sound. Well if you’re one that likes the look, here’s a giant pair you can sit on your desktop.

Yes, these are extremely cheesy, but I suppose if you’re a huge Apple fanatic you might be proud to have them sitting on your desk. If you’re wondering, these are actually 500 times the size of your regular iPod earbuds. They draw their power from either your computer’s USB port or from a standard wall outlet. No word on pricing or availability.

Source: UberReview

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