Wrong Number Generator

Wrong Number Generator

The Wrong Number Generator is one of those products that you would only need at one opportune time.

You would need the Wrong Number Generator when someone you know is trying to call a number, but you don’t want him or her to call that number. Assuming you could foresee this scenario, all you would have to do is install the Wrong Number Generator that you see in this photo. It snaps in to the phone jack easily, and whatever number the user calls will automatically end up being the wrong number.

The potential is endless. Say a nasty co-worker is trying to call your boss to report your bad behavior, and he ends up getting Domino’s Pizza!

As far as how it actually works, I don’t know the particulars about this device. I mean, does it take a number and add to it? So if you’re dialing 555-1234, will it dial 555-1235? That is a mystery.

I do know that 911 will always dial correctly, and I believe that the Wrong Number Generator will allow 25% of calls to go through properly. In other words, the victim can’t say that they are experiencing a consistent defect of wrong numbers. Hilarious!

Of course, the victim will probably use his or her cell phone until someone fixes his or her landline phone. And once someone finds out the trouble, your fingerprints better not be on the Wrong Number Generator, let me tell you.

If you can think of a good (or bad) place for this product, get it at www.spysite.com for $89.