Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism unleashed


nokia-7900.jpgNokia’s Prism Collection has a brand new addition, and this time it is the Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism that joins the fold. Targeting (obviously) design and fashion conscious consumers, you get, in Nokia’s very own words, “seamless diamond-cut design with a crystal centre key, the Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism continues to highlight the geometric shapes and personalized style of the Prism Collection”. I personally think that the entire Prism Collection is an acquired taste, and to date I have realized that most of my mates think this line of handsets are just butt ugly – it is definitely a miracle that there are folks who would gush after those cold, calculating designs which in turn causes Nokia to continue manufacturing these ugly beasts.

Nokia’s designers were working closely with creative designer Frederique Daubal to come up with these special laser-etched graphic designs, distinctive wallpapers as well as exclusive accessories to the Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism. The wallpapers that come with every 7900 Crystal Prism purchase was inspired by Daubal to communicate the reflection of light and capture the feel of angular prisms and triangles. What are some of the features you can get with this handset? For starters, a large OLED display, a 2 megapixel camera, 3G support for anytime, anywhere Internet browsing, 1GB of internal memory, audio playback and a matching headset.

If you’re still hell bent on picking up the Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism, you’d best have at least 375 Euros in hand as the handset will hit the markets sometime in Q1 this year. Mind you, that stated price which was given by Nokia is before taxes and subsidies, so depending on which country you live in, that could mean either a whole lot more or less of dough per transaction. The FCC hasn’t gone round approving this just yet, so it might take a while before the 7900 Crystal Prism hits the US.

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