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CarShield has just launched its fully self-contained CarShield device that can be plugged into any vehicle’s standard diagnostic port in order to receive real-time information analysis as well as delivery that will help the vehicle owner know the true status of their vehicle. Sounds like the perfect tool to have for the man of the house in order to ensure that all the rides there are safe for the entire family, and no longer do you have to keep on getting fleeced by the bunch of mechanics who think you don’t know any better about cars (which you actually don’t, but I digress) and can’t tell the difference from a carburetor from the air filter.

CarShield’s device uses a combination of five essential technologies in order to give you the most comprehensive report possible – GPS, wireless communication, predictive diagnostics, computing intelligence and Internet access that allows the owner of virtually any make or model of vehicle manufactured after 1995 to “monitor, analyze and disseminate a variety of onboard information previously only available to mechanics and dealerships”. It takes just a few seconds to get started and complete the installation as it isn’t rocket science in any way. I wonder whether this unit will be able to handle all the sophisticated computer systems found in more modern cars where normal mechanics have no idea how to handle.

Some of the features include :-
Remote Early Diagnostic Warnings: Receive service and safety warnings via text, email or phone relating to engine health, battery status, tire pressure and
Remote Smog Check: Eliminates the need of visiting a smog check station saving time and money
Emergency Support: Provides emergency support, sends roadside assistance and unlocks vehicle doors when keys are locked inside the car
Teen/Family Protection: Provides email/text notification when vehicle leaves a designated area or exceeds pre-defined speed limits
Theft Protection: Unauthorized movement alert/vehicle theft tracking
Vehicle Tracking & Location: GPS satellite and Web interface display where your vehicle has been, and when it arrived and departed specific locations

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Nancy Says: February 11, 2008 at 6:07 am

CarShield sounds to be better than any other similar device. I might think about getting one for my car.

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