iFly Vamp flits around


ifly-vamp.jpgNow here’s another R/C flying toy to keep you occupied. It would be a great purchase to consider especially when you want to prepare for spring when it is fun to go out and frolic in a park once again.

Ultra eerie, ridiculously clever and frighteningly entertaining, the rechargeable iFly Vamp is unlike other motorised flying thingies because it is an ornithopter. Which, as everyone with access to Google knows, means it flaps its wings in order to flit about the skies. It really is a sight to behold. And at only 12″x10″ Vamp is the smallest R/C ornithopter in the world.

Pick up the iFly Vamp for £29.95 – it will begin to ship in February, but Firebox is accepting pre-orders today.

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